Gini Martinez is a former small business owner and award-winning public speaker with 20 years of collaborating with clients to better understand their needs and help them achieve their mind-body fitness goals. As a researcher, she values curiosity, deep listening, and empathy to best understand users’ and stakeholders’ needs. Her experience designing professional development materials and facilitating workshops for groups of 20-30 of her peers helped develop her storytelling and presentation skills. In 2018, she returned to higher education to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. During this time, she gained experience employing a number of user experience skills, such as conducting in-depth qualitative interviews, competitive analysis, statistical analyses, and design thinking, to name a few. She is currently a master’s candidate in applied cognitive psychology for user experience research at Claremont Graduate University with plans to complete the program in May of 2023.



Email: gini (at) ginimartinez (dot) com